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Engineers of the Future - Customer first Engineering

It may not be the most complex of components, however, a new multi-national customer of ours urgently required this replacement drive rod machining to replace their existing damaged component. The damaged component was provided as a sample, reverse engineered and the replacement manufactured from bar stock under supervision by our Trainee Engineer Archie Potter.

The item was QC inspected and ready next day.

Archie, 20, has been with us full time over 4 months now and his skills are progressing at a faster and faster pace with regards turning, milling, shot blasting and of course powder coating. Archie has also dipped his toe into 3D CAD and is currently on a generalised path before deciding on which aspect within the field to concentrate on.

We believe it is critical for engineers of the future to have a solid core skills set with regards engineering in order for them to progress in this industry, just as Acer's directors did 20 years ago.

Acer may not be able to compete with larger CNC based sub-contractors for 10K's off, however for rapid turnaround of small batch works our rapid response machine shop and core mission statement of putting the customer first can win the day and is an ideal place for people like Archie to learn these skills.

A happy employee and a happy customer.

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