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PROJECT //  01

A long established fabrications, pressing and specilist coatings company enlist acer to perform several tasks;

manage operations generally

increase sales

improve efficiency

streamline production

establish new markets

re-design a long ago lost product & win it back

Since the contracting of acer, the company have shown a sales increase of +40% inside 6 months, generating much needed additional revenue and securing jobs.

A long lost customer was re-invigorated though re-design, re-sourcing and improved assembly and planning. A £200k order soon followed combined with a several years long ~£30K/month blanket order.

Consumable product use is down 20% due to efficiency measures put in place.

More customers in, leading to more product out of the door. 

PROJECT //  03

A  family operated precision engineering firm in the Yorkshire region has for decades relied upon a single customer.

acer have been appointed to expand the client base and provide long term stability for the company and its staff.

Several new long term orders have been won and production is underway.

PROJECT //  02

What would you do if 30% of your potential market place was un-reachable due to an engineering design issue? This global company used acer.

From the drawing board to the sale, acer came into this project at the pre-concept stage and finished with 10+ customers buying the product inside 3 years.


A new product was designed, tested and proven. Using advanced R&D and prototyping methods, some digital and some real-world, the product could be included with the existing component and the market was open.

The market was then approached, from cold call to trade show, acer got its design innovation out there.

The product is currently sold globally to most of the worlds Gas Turbine manufacturers and sales are in the £millions.

PROJECT //  04

A school in Hull would like a shelter for its playground which can sit up to 50 children.

The shelter must look like a giant pink flower.

acer are enlisted to; design, fabricate, source materials and coatings, install and sign off the project in its entirety. 


Utilizing CAD, FEA and experience, all materials were kept to their minimum saving costs whilst ensuring strength and all important health and safety. Assembly was digitally proto-typed to facilitate ease of on site works.

The project came in early and under budget.

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